Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Are the earrings nickel free? 

All earrings made with hooks and studs are nickel free made out of either brass or steel and gold plating. 


2. What are the earrings made out of?

All earrings are made out of baked polymer clay (and love). 


3. Will my earrings break because they are made out of clay? 

Your earrings are made out of clay so there is always a possibility but they shouldn’t break unless they purposefully broken. 

4. How do I clean my earrings if they get dirty? 

Your earrings can be easily cleaned with a Q-Tip and some rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will remove any dirt and bacteria. 



5. Do you ship internationally? 

Yes! I do. There is a all around cover charge for shipping internationally that is applied at checkout.

6. How will the paintings be shipped? 

Its the size that matters! Depending on the size, all paintings will be shipped wrapped up in box. 




7. I live in The Bahamas and I dont have PayPal, how can I pay you?

Bank deposit is the best option for out islanders, or if you live in Nassau, you can choose the option “Cash on delivery” and pay me when I deliver your order.