Charities that We Support

The goal behind Katrina Lucas shop is not just to create beautiful things but to also make a difference, no matter how small that difference may be.
Below are the Charities that we support with our business, we encourage you take a look at their websites to find out more about who you are donating to!


 The Bahamas Humane Society

"The Bahamas Humane Society is a non-profit organization, comprised of a compassionate team, dedicated to promote the humane treatment of animal and prevent cruelty to animals through continuous education in a variety of methods, to end pet over-population through an aggressive spay/neuter campaign from 2013-2018 and as a result of the two objectives to become a no-kill shelter by 2020."

- The Humane Society

The Bahamas National Trust

"The Bahamas National Trust is a science-based organization dedicated to effectively managing national parks to conserve and protect Bahamian natural resources."


-The Bahamas National Trust


Bahamas Strong Alliance

"BAHAMAS STRONG ALLIANCE originated from the unprecedented private sector response to Hurricane Dorian. It emerged in September 2019 as people from all walks of life teamed up to lead the way in helping the residents of Abaco and Grand Bahama who were in such dire need.

The Core Group, as BAHAMAS STRONG ALLIANCE was first known, spearheaded coordination of much of the private sector response to Hurricane Dorian. From September 1-13, 2019, in particular, the group organized international emergency first responders, air relief and evacuation, marine relief and evacuation, evacuees’ registration and processing, food and hygiene packs, medical treatment and support, emergency sheltering, long term housing assistance, pet supplies, and warehousing and logistics for global aid."

- Bahamas Strong Alliance

Bahamas Revisited

"Our mission is to expose youth to the myriad of learning and growth opportunities that can be found in The islands and waters of The Bahamas. Our objective is to prepare Bahamian youth to participate in civic programs at their schools and become contributors to nation building. "

- Bahamas Revisited

Bahamas Youth Foundation

"The Bahamas Youth Foundation fundamentally believes in the potential of every single young person to achieve their dreams through hard work, education, exposures and experiences that help them learn their craft and what it takes to succeed in it."

- The Bahamas Youth Foundation


The Cancer Society

 "The Cancer Society of the Bahamas is a non-profit, voluntary organization, committed to the awareness, education, prevention, research, advocacy, care and cure of cancer and is purposed to serve cancer patients, survivors and their families and persons at risk across The Bahamas."

- The Cancer Society Mission Statement