Food Edition - 130+ Local Businesses to Shop from this Holiday Season

The Holidays are looking different this year, importing gifts just got a whole lot more expensive and although sporadic 2am amazon shopping will decrease in 2021 #thankscovid, honestly it's a great thing for local small businesses.

I'm here today to save our butts, without local fairs like Jollifaction and Wine and art, its really really hard to find all of your favourite small businesses. I mean...really hard, a lot of us aren't entirely shifted over to e-commerce platforms yet for various reasons so a lot of us rely on word of mouth, fairs, or by chance we get some clout because the Instagram Gods allowed a break in the algorithm and we were able to shine for a minute. 

All in all, this is our moment to shine. All small businesses should have an opportunity to put some food on the table this Christmas because we as consumers should be supporting them and we need to grow the hype of shopping locally, it'll do more for our country than we think.

I've put together a list of just over 130 Small and local businesses that you can shop from this holiday. After putting together this list there really is NO excuse on why we should be shopping out of the country.

Here we go...


Food is what I start with when I enter a fair, so why not now? I usually won't eat for the day when I'm going to a fair so I can demolish what ever is there. I'm THAT chick walking around with so much in her hand you don't know if you wanna offer to help or watch to see if it all falls . So...let's demolish some food and then we can happy shop instead of hangry shop.

Wanna Hangry shop? Visit here to shop retail.

1. Bon Vivants - Nassau - Date Night, Coffee break, and Wine stop before home.

2. Cafe Channing Noelle - Nassau - Coffee Date, treats for kids, double whammy gifts inside also. Boom.

3. Best Brew - Nassau - Literally all the teas and coffees you desire + everything you need to make it.

4. Market Orleans / Louis and Steen's - Nassau - Great place for the kids, dates, delish food, pets, and Market Orleans will be open by the beginning of December 2020.

5. Bahamas Spice - Nassau - Lemme put y'all on something, my lord their Habanero hot sauce is literally in every meal I cook.

6. Free Spirit Bahamas - Nassau - Not exactly food, but I thought getting your bff their favourite mixed drink to take home and share for the holidays would be super fun.

7. Biggity - Nassau - Biggity Hot Sauces are the BEST in souse, tuna and grits, basically all of your classic Bahamian favourite meals.

8. Showman E Bistro - Nassau - Weekly meal kits for families up to 5. Vey giftable or easy cooking when the in laws are in town.

9. Pulpy - Nassau - Some where to take the kids after joy riding and looking at Christmas lights. 

10. Tin Ferl - Nassau - My all time faves in one place located at the Dundas, its a must for the fam.

11. Tiffanys Treats - Hope Town, Abaco - I've been DYING to try her stuff, someone buy something and tell me how it is please.

12. Blu Watur - Nassau - Ever had Grandma's guava jam from Abaco? We are talking THAT level. So good. She has treats for the kiddos too + vegan options.

13. Take a bite Bahamas - Nassau - Just go and look for your self, her cakes are edible art to be honest.

14. Eat me skinny - Nassau - For when you're finished eating the above and ready to start your New Years resolution again. You're welcome.

15. Puffee Cotton Candy - Nassau - Gourmet cotton Candy, could you ask for anything more? 

16. Zozos 242 -  Nassau - A safe stay at work/home lunch option for you and your loved ones.

17. Dough Baby BahamasNassau - A at home donut shop serving the cuuuutest handmade donuts.

18. The Cabana Club - Nassau - The best vegan food in my opinion, but I may be bias.

19. Vell Monkey Foot - Nassau - where food comas happen. For real. 

20. The New duff - Nassau - A new twist on the Bahamian classic, guava duff and so much more.

21. Black Pearl - Nassau - Specialising in making you want to order a third...wait no, I mean, Specialising in making amazing bubble teas.

22. Bahamas Coffee Roasters - Harbour Island - From roasting to pouring, they literally do it all but harvest the beans and its all just so good.

23. Le Petit GourmetNassau - Magnificent food, I've been missing them so much during this harsh year. 

24. Da Perk- Eleuthera- All time Favourite spot in Eleuthera to sit and enjoy breakfast.

25. The Buccaneer Club - Eleuthera-  Home away from home with the best Conch Chowder you've ever had.  

26. Shop Hello Cupcake - Nassau- Her cupcakes look like her and her instagram - Perfect. Definitely a treat for the kids!!


Disclaimer: If you don't see someone you love on this list, please let me know I'll add them in, there is no bias here, just small businesses off of the top of my head. 

Photo Credits: The Cabana Club 



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