130+ Local Businesses to Shop from this Holiday Season

I know you're not here for me so I won't run on for too long, but the fact that you are here, reading this, doing your part is amazing. Thank you. This year has been a mess for retail shops opening and closing their doors, there is literally nothing that could have prepared them for this year. They honestly need a round of applause and massages, someone dm the PM and let him know. 

When you look at this list remember this is just a small portion of what is actually here available to us. There is so much more that I haven't listed I'm sure.

FYI- There are three main Sections - Clothing, Home and Accessories and Artists. 

Debit cards ready?




In this section you will find all of the clothing retailers that I can think of. I've split this section into three sub-sections -  Women's, Mens, Thrifting.
Thrifting has become pretty big here so I thought it needed its own section incase you wanted to specifically shop thrifted. 



1. Craft Cottage 

2. Coles Of Nassau 

3. Bahama Hand Prints

4. Shop Cay 92 

5. Tanya Saunders 

6. Body Beautiful

7. Runway to Parris 

8. The Straw Shack

9. Relish

10. The House Of Hanna

11. Serendipity Boutique

12. Fab Finds

13. Signature Styles

14. The Velvet Hanger

15. Polka Dots Boutique 

16. Allure Swimsuit

17. Rubins

18. The Closet and Co

19. Bella Couture Collection 




 1. Morley for Men

2. Fine Threads

3. Rubins 

4. Bahari

5. His Fashion

6. The Tree House Clothing

7. Sports Center

8. Hoffer Sports

9. YNG

10. Relish 

11. For Da Culture 



1. Upcycled Islander

2. Thrifters

3. Pre Loved Bahamas

4. Alex and Brits yard sale

5. Nikkis Closet

6. Rack Consignment 

7. Bahama Bag Lady

8. Shop Recycle 

9. Boss Bahama Mama

10. Calypso Upcycled Treasure 

11. Rebaggit

12. Preloved Bahamas

13. Reincarnated 

14. Baha Thrifts 

15. Pineapple Treasures

16. Just Like New 

17. 25 North Hidden Treasures 


 Tired? Let hubby hold the bags, we got A LOT more shopping to do.



Home and More

This section is a hodgepodge of just about everything. Accessories, home decor, stationary, candles. Theres only a few of each that are coming to mind, which probably means I need to explore the big wide world of Nassau (HA). But nevertheless I've thrown them all into one section so we can all feel that horrible sensation. Yanno, that feeling when we walk into forever 21 and everything is screaming at you but you can't see what it is. Yeah...that feeling. 

1. Oasis Chic living - Furniture and Accessories 

2. Craft Cottage - Everything from furniture to clothes.

3. Bahamas Art and Handicraft - All things hand made 

4. Biggity Candles 

5. Lu+Caya - Hand Made Bags

6. Luv Harbour - Reclaimed wood + New wood shelving

7. Harbour Island Canvas/Hope town Canvas - Hand made bags and dog collars

8. Mermaid Linzi - Reusable Straws

9. Market Orleans - Literally...everything guys.

10. Cafe Channing Noelle - Teas and stationary 

11. Bahamian Wood Crafts - Crafts and Puzzels

12. Poinciana Paper Press - Poems, note books, books and albums

13. Iisabahamiabey - Super cute Merchandise 

14. Alaia - Handmade soaps, shampoo bars and hair products

15. Savys clips and sticks - Hair clips and Hair sticks

16. Shop Stackz - Jewelry

17. Normas Gift Shop - Everything you need

18. Goodie Bag co. - Cute reusable bags

19. Glow Candles Glow

20. Candle Esscents

21. Pursenal Paradyse - Hand made and Painted accessories

22. Haus of Assembly - Hand bags and accessories 

23. Get Paper Clutched - Stationary 

24. Pretty Fancy Gift Shoppe 

25. Beauty an the Beads - Jewelry

26. Darcy Antonia Jewelry

27. Last Island Gal - Herbal healing tools

28. Amani Hair 

29. Island style by Athena and Ashley - Jewelry 

30. Body Bahama - Body Care

31. Island Body Bahamas - swimwear

32. Scented Escapes Candles 

33. The Pawsh Shoppe - The Purfect shop for your pets

34. Chevette Williamson Jewelry 

35. Salt Water Stonewear

36. Mya and Mason Collection 



Often not remembered during the holiday season, a lot of artists have gift-able, small and affordable art that is begging to be in your homes. I've listed a few artists off of the top of my head that I think would help you make your gifts this year much more personal. 

1. Amandas Decals

2. Salt Water Stonewear 

3. Sixty 2 Sixty - Gallery 

4. Ryan Lewis- Graphic Designer 

5. Arielle Rhaming - Visual Artist

6. Jessica Whittingham - Visual Artist

7. Tambi Designs - Graphic Designer 

8. Jace Mckinny - Graphic Designer 

9. Linesy Studios - Graphic Designer 

10. Cydne Coleby - Visual Artist

11. Melissa Alcena - Photographer 

12. Angelika Wallace- Whitfield- Visual Artist

13. Taylor Higgs - Visual Artist

14. Dyah Neilson - Visual Artist 

15. Leanne Russell - Visual Artist

16. Jodi Minnis - Visual Artist

17. June Collie - Visual Artist

18. Natascha Vasquez

19. Contemporary Art Bahamas

20. inktheheart - Graphic Designer

21. April Bey - Visual Artist

22. DeDe Brown - Visual Artist

23. Daniel Belton - Woodwork

24. Tessa Whitehead - Visual Artist

25. Karen Diane Art - Crafts- Visual Art

26. Cajouben - Handmade work out of tires

27. Sophia Taylor - Photography

28. Ashley Comarcho - Resin Work

29. Laura Dee - Resin Work

30. Island Pyro - Wood Work/ pyrography 

31. Alyssa Pinder - Visual Artist

32. Carrisa Rho - Potter


Now that we are done with this major list, start looking at who your going to shop with next! Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and I can't wait too see who all of you shop with!

Also please come back a check it out again! The more people recommend businesses the more these lists will grow!





Disclaimer: If you don't see someone you love on this list, please let me know I'll add them in, there is no bias here, just small businesses off of the top of my head. 

Photo Credits: Laura Smith

Gif Credits: GIFY


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    Bead’d buddha is a local artist creating custom mask chains and jewelry.


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